Mike - Funky Monkey

Mike has been playing bass for more decades than he cares to remember, or at least to admit, and has almost got it right. Has played in a variety of bands of all styles, from big band to heavy rock, and also occasionally appears playing guitar in an acoustic duo.

Mike originally started as a guitarist, playing rhythm guitar with a Glenn Miller tribute band at school (he's not as old as that makes him sound, Glenn Miller had been dead for about three decades by then) but when he and a number of others started a band at university, they had too many guitarists and not enough bassists, so he switched to bass. There was a bit of a hiatus after that, but when he moved to Tamworth, he got involved with bands again.

Since then, he has played with:

Currently, as well as Space Monkey, he plays with Gasfoodlodging (second CD released in May 2019).

Mike generally plays a Sei Original headless fretless 5-string bass through a Smooth Hound wireless system, Zoom multieffects pedal, Tecamp Puma 900 amp, and Barefaced Big Baby 2 speaker.

When not playing, Mike likes his motorcycles and has a vast collection of Triumphs. He also has his own web page. He has appeared on television a few times; with Naked Touch in Telethon '90, and assisting the SMIDSY team to magnificent defeat in Robot Wars and Techno Games.

mike of space monkey tamworth midlands covers band with sei original bass

Adopting best Rock God pose

mike of space monkey solihull midlands covers band riding triumph tiger round cadwell park

Demonstrating useful post-gig escape skills

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