Al - Whacky Monkey

Al is the percussionist with Space Monkey.

Al has been playing music since the age of 18, in various bands, often alongside his singer songwriter brother, Tony Beet.

He was in the International Beat, made up from members of The Beat and Dexy's Midnight Runners, who between them had hits such as Mirror in the Bathroom, Tears of a Clown, Geno, and Come on Eileen.

Al's career started with tours with Bad Manners and Selector, which was enthusaiastically received. After the band's album The Hitting Line was released, International Beat headlined in Berkeley, California, in front of an audience of 12,000 and alongside Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger.

Following the split of International Beat, he has been in the Acoustic Theatre and Ukulele Theatre, alongside his brother Tony. The Acoustic Theatre was an acoustic pop ska band doing original material, playing around the country. The Ukulele Theatre was a ukulele band with a couple of album releases, one of them, an album called The Beatle Sessions, achieving over 100,000 streams.

Al then teamed up with Space Monkey, and the rest is history, except for the bit that's in the future. He is also back to his roots, playing keyboards for The Interpreters, who play songs from The Beat to The Specials. In his spare time he writes and records his own material.

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